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Medication Delivery With A Helping Hand


Medication Delivery & Disease Management in Houston, Texas

Texas Association of Independent Pharmacy Owners, located in Houston, Texas, offers medication delivery and assistance with disease management. We realize that managing one’s healthcare requires extensive time and knowledge, which is why we offer much more than traditional pharmacy services.

Turn to our independent pharmacy to save time and money, while experiencing superior customer service. As part of our family, you are eligible for affordable prescription delivery and beneficial health education. We want to make sure you have all the facts, enabling you to be your healthiest self.

About US
The Texas Association of Independent Pharmacy Owners is a recognized leader in quality pharmaceutical care. We are committed to providing quality pharmaceutical care that is:

• Patient-Centered
• Responsible
• Ethical 
• Effective
• Efficient
• Safe
• Timely

As a leader of the community, we provide an educational intervention model that concentrates on disease management and proactive health care concepts. 

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